California Wildfire Re-build

Special Deals for Wildfire Re-building

We promise three things if you simply fill out and submit the info form here.

1. A $3,000 discount off of the retail price of any of our homes.

2. Expedited service and our best efforts at getting other parties in the process to do the same.

3. Further discounts on multi-unit purchases.

Please note the date and name of the fire that your home was lost.

We have worked with California residents who lost their homes in wildfires since San Diego’s Cedar Fire in 2004.  We have recently re-built homes for victims of the Tubbs wildfire in Sonoma, Valley fire in Lake County, and many other Californians in need throughout the state.

Damage from fires in Butte, Sonoma, Napa and other counties have caused housing shortages and created difficult situation for many Californians. An experienced re-building team can be hard to find. Cutting Edge has served Californians for 14 years since 2004. We are here and ready to be the solution that you need.


Butte County Building Division

Schedule Appointment – (530) 552-3700

City of Santa Rosa Rebuilding Guide

Contact: – (707) 543-4649

City of Sonoma Rebuilding Guide

CA Department of Insurance

Sonoma Resilience Fund (Info or donations)

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Phone: (877) 280-6496


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