Our standard modular homes retail for an average of about $125.00-$135.00 Per Square Foot (“PSF”) delivered including sales tax. Modular homes generally cost 5% to 20% less than a comparable finished home built on-site in California, but the primary benefit is in faster building costs and a better method of construction.

pile-of-cash-300x225As a home gets larger the cost PSF gets lower. The cost PSF will increase incrementally when homes get smaller as the construction cost efficiency is reduced relative to the home size.

We recommend budgeting no less than $30.00-$35.00 Per Square Foot for the on-site work for the vertical construction to build the foundation and to close up & complete the modular home. Site development costs like grading & utilities as well as city fees are additional and not something that we can estimate.
Once you have plans in place a licensed General Contractor can provide you directly with an estimate for the on-site work. Cutting Edge Homes is not a construction company and doesn’t estimate or perform on-site work.

While our modular homes are normally less expensive than site-built homes, the homes will not be as cheap as a manufactured or mobile homes, as our quality standards are much higher. We typically tell our clients that if they can’t afford a minimum of $135-145 per square foot for their vertical construction costs (hard costs from the foundation up on a level lot), they probably cannot afford our more value-conscious modular homes. Because there are no differences in the appraisal guidelines or a required disclosure, there is no good reason that a modular home has to be less expensive than a site-built home.

For our Cape Cod homes we upgrade the roof to a steeper pitch and use a different roof truss to create the open attic area. You should budget a bit more PSF for the Factory Built portion of the project as well as the on-site work yet as many people have realized, these homes are some of the best values that we offer.

Our Custom Luxury Alpine & Custom Premium modular home collections usually retail for at least $160.00 per square foot for the modular home delivered with sales tax. Cutting Edge Homes does not estimate or perform on-site construction work. The on-site construction is to be priced out by a licensed contractor directly to you once you have a full set of construction documents. Site work, city fees, upgrades and options are additional. We recommend budgeting at least $40.00 PSF for the vertical construction. Our Ultra Custom homes have upgraded finishes, higher performance building envelopes, and more advanced green building specifications, typically these homes also have more on-site finish work to be completed than our stock and semi-custom plans. Once land has been secured, the next step is design development for your custom home specific to your needs and your exact property, call us and share details of your property so we can discuss designing your Ultra Custom home.

If you would like to find out more about the pricing for a specific plan, please sign up for more information on our Contact Us form and we will provide the pricing information to you directly.