Our Frequently Asked Questions page answers the most common questions about our modular homes. Do you want to build a modular home in California? Most of your questions will be answered here. If your question is not on the list, please contact us.

What are the standard specifications for your modular homes?

Homes can be ordered to just about any finish level that you want. Our homes usually come standard with 30 year composition shingle roofing and non-combustible fiber-cement siding with a 9 foot ceiling and a 5/12 roof pitch. The cabinets, counter tops, lighting fixtures, switches, plumbing fixtures, heater, ducting, drywall, etc. are all usually installed within the home prior to delivery. Yes, the home even comes with the kitchen sink and a refrigerator.

More details regarding our specifications can be found here.

Sprinklers are required throughout California on almost all new home construction projects.  Each sprinkler system is priced specific to the plan and the plan must be engineered.  Sprinklers are not part of our standard specifications.  When you are ready for a formal estimate on your chosen home model we are happy to prepare it and also include sprinkler pricing and other basic options that are desired.

We have provided a variety of elevations on our web-site to show different ways that a home might be finished. The standard look of our homes is a Craftsman style though we can help you to come up with just about any look that you require.  Cutting Edge Homes does not build to one style.  We build the home to the style, specification, and preferences of each of our clients. The best thing to do is start with a floor plan that fits your property, suits your needs, and works with your budget.

Some of our elevations and renderings show things like cedar siding, dormers, transom windows, stucco, metal roofs, decks, porches, and balconies. These items are either factory options or done on-site. Please contact your Cutting Edge Homes sales representative for our current specification list.

Can I custom design my own home?

We are able to work with you to design any style of home that you desire. We can adapt existing plans from our Plan Collections or work our designers to create your dream home. We are experts at working with clients and their architects to design and engineer a custom home that is efficient, practical, and looks as good or better than a home built by slow conventional method. It should be noted that custom designs take longer, cost more, and make an already complex process even more complicated for everyone involved.  If you are on a tight budget we actively discourage our clients from choosing to custom design a home.

Are you a general contractor? Do I need a general contractor for my modular home project?

Cutting Edge Homes does not act as a General Contractor on your project. We can focus on helping you find the perfect home for your family without concern for how much we would make off of the construction of a particular floor-plan. Other competition have a vested interest in your using particular factory because it will mean more profits for their construction business. We do a large volume of homes and want you to pick the the perfect home for you without pushing you into a factory that isn’t right for you. We plug you into the process and know-how so that you can get the best prices from factories, lenders, contractors, and real estate agents so you navigate the building permit process as quickly as is possible.

You are not legally required to use a general contractor, but most people find it smart to use one because of the complexities of the building industry in California. Imagine the amount of technical details, state laws, and local codes in any high-tech industry. Would it make sense to try to build your own computer from raw materials yourself, or to hire a company to manage the process of getting all of the components and assembling them in a professional way? Building a long-lasting home is much more complicated than building a computer from scratch. If you have a typical full-time job, it will be very difficult to find the time to manage your project as an owner-builder. There are very few cost efficiencies in contracting a job yourself because it will go slower and you will pay higher subcontractor bid prices than if you were a regular general contractor. You will also make more costly mistakes than a good general contractor. If you are a contractor or developer with experience, it could make sense for you to contract the job yourself and have Cutting Edge provide the modular home delivered. We can introduce you to a certified modular home set-up contractor that will work directly with you to provide the installation of the home.

Who is responsible for which portion of the project, and who do I pay?

The Cutting Edge Homes proposal for your home includes the home, options and features that you select, delivery to your site, and applicable state sales taxes on the base price. All on-site construction costs will be bid and contracted directly with you by a licensed California contractor outside of the scope of our contract. Those costs include grading, utilities, foundation, garage, driveway, decking, landscaping, set-up, and any other jobs that are required based on your needs or your site requirements. You will sign agreements with an architect and/or engineer for site improvement and foundation plans; with a geo-technical engineer for your soils report, and any other required consultants. Permits and fees are paid to your local municipality and the state of California.

Is a warranty included with my purchase?

All of our homes come with a 10 year structural coverage and a one year system’s coverage from the Residential Warranty Company or a comparable warranty company, depending on the collection you choose from.

Can Cutting Edge Homes help me find land to build my house on?

raw-land-300x200We would like to help our clients find land, but our experience has been that most folks who buy homes already have land in place when they come to us. We are looking for real estate brokers and agents who specialize in finding land anywhere in California and want to be part of our referral network. If you are able to help our clients, or know someone who can please fill out our contact form and we will get in touch regarding working with our company and clients.

Realtor contact for specific geographical areas:

La County & Surrounding Areas:
Jane Riley
(818) 661-7371
Monterey County & Surrounding Areas:
Noreen Towers
(831) 320-9916
San Diego County Greater Area:
Enrique d’Oleire
(619) 719-8786

How is size of a plan calculated?

Preliminary calculations are of the exterior of the building area as per industry standard. The approved construction documents will show the final dimensions.

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