Modular Specifications

Gold Series Elite Specifications: Cutting Edge Homes builds strong, high quality homes and structures.   The Cutting Edge Homes Gold Series Elite Series of Specifications have been carefully chosen to provide a well appointed home without hidden charges.   Our Gold specifications, without upgrades, provides the same look and feel of a site built home.  All of our homes go on a permanent concrete foundation and they are built to the same building code as a site built home.

Cutting Edge Homes does offer a number of upgrades, these attachments provide images of some of our specifications and options.

Stucco, wood flooring, and unlimited other options, can be installed on-site by a contractor of your choosing after your home is delivered.

Once complete, your modular house will be the dream house you always wanted with finishes and features of your choosing and preference.

Gold Series Specifications (PDF)

Gold Series Specifications Pictorial, Part 1: Exteriors (PDF)

Gold Series Specifications Pictorial, Part 2: Interior Doors (PDF)

Gold Series Specifications Pictorial, Part 3: Cabinets (PDF)

Gold Series Specifications Pictorial, Part 4: Counter Tops (PDF)

Gold Series Specifications Pictorial, Part 5: Flooring (PDF)

Gold Series Specifications Pictorial, Part 6: Appliances (PDF)

Gold Series Specifications Pictorial, Part 7: Roof Pitch Chart (PDF)


Cape Cod Specifications:  The Cape Cod specifications have all of the features and options of the Gold Series Elite Specifications though the roof is also upgraded to a 10/12 roof pitch with an unfinished attic.  The Cape Cod models are popular for a variety of reasons:

A.  Perfect for a site where one wants a low profile home that takes up the smallest footprint.
B.  Excellent for a growing family that wants to plan for the future but isn’t prepared to build a larger home at this time.
C.  Awesome in that the attic floor plan can be completely customized.  If you need a large open space or require bedrooms, it can be completed exactly how you want it and the finishes can all be chosen locally.

Cape Cod Series Specifications (PDF)


Sterling Series Specifications:  These are our entry level specifications for people who are working with a tight budget.  To keep costs down for this series, specifications include a lower pitched roof, formica counters, etc.   All of our homes are good quality and this series is no exception.

Sterling Series Specifications (PDF)


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